Best Hybrid Cars In India
Best Hybrid Cars In India
Best Hybrid Cars In India

The effect of heat, ozone depletion, carbon monoxide emissions, toxic levels of air pollution are some of the effects of vehicle use over the years.

But we do not see these problems and the leading OEMs around the world continue to research and develop new technologies to address these problems.

Hybrid vehicle development has been the result of that. In this article, you will be introduced to this new technology as well as the 20 Best Hybrid Cars In India that offer more miles.

What are Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid vehicles use energy from both electricity and fuel (diesel, gasoline, and hydrogen) to reduce emissions while improving fuel efficiency at the same time. …

procedure of preventive maintenance
procedure of preventive maintenance
procedure of preventive maintenance

The purpose of preventive maintenance means periodic service work performed on a vehicle that will help keep it functioning correctly for a long time.

All vehicle manufacturers publish a list of service work to be performed regular basis.

Procedure of Preventive maintenance program is also called routine maintenance because it is usually performed on a set schedule routine. Read More

What is 2-Stroke Petrol Engine?

A 2-Stroke Petrol Engine is a type of internal combustible engine that fills the power cycle with two piston blades during only one crankshaft regime.

This compares with a stroke engine that requires four piston blows to complete the power cycle during two crankshaft shifts.

2-stroke petrol engine‘s have a thing happen with the cylinder at bottom dead center.

Exhaust gas is pushed out of the cylinder by intake air, which is actively pumped into the cylinder.

This is called scavenging 2-stroke petrol engine.

In previous article we have studied that in 4-stroke petrol engine in four times travelling of piston up and down.

There is only one power stroke rest are ideal stroke and do not produce any power.

To reduce the number of Ideal stroke in 2-stroke engine was invented in which complete operation induction compressor power and exhaust is completed in 2-stroke.

When moving the Piston Once Up and once down or in one revolution of the crankshaft as such theoretically the 2-stroke engine should produce and double the Horse Power in the same size of engine then 4-stroke engine cycle. Read more

What is 4-Stroke Petrol Engine, & Working of 4-Stroke Petrol Engine

  • What is 4-Stroke Petrol Engine?
  • Type of Strokes in 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Working Cycle of 4-Stroke Petrol Engine

A 4-stroke petrol engine is the most common variant of an spark ignition engine. The latest spark ignition engines are 4-strokes driven by petrol and cng fuel.

During engine operation, the pistons go through 4 events to achieve each power cycle.

Description of the event is the movement up or down of the piston. Once 4 events are completed, the cycle is complete and ready to start again.

4-stroke petrol engines bring good power, reliability and efficiency. When it comes to emissions, the 4 lashes separate each event mechanically, reducing the emissions of unburned fuel. …

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